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Post  Hokaru on Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:38 pm

Trading a Pokemon for the Sinnoh region, or looking for one?
Look here and post your Trade!


Looking for:
*Nature: Doesn't matter
*IVs: Don't care
*Egg moves: Yes - Volt Tackle
*EV Trained: No

-Untrained Jirachi
*Modest Natured
*31 HP and Sp. Atk IVs

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Sinnoh Pokemon Empty Re: Sinnoh Pokemon

Post  Kaede-Sama on Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:29 am

Searching For
*Impish with Seed Bomb

*Calm Nature

-For Turtwig
  • Adamant Kangaskhan with Hammer Arm/EQ
  • Cubone with Ice Beam/EQ/Rock Smash (Multiple Natures)
  • Gligar with X-Scissor (Multiple Natures)
  • Pichu with Volt Tackle and Grass Knot (multiple natures)
  • Bulbasaur with Seed Bomb (Multiple Natures)
  • Kabuto with Mud Bomb (Multple Natures)
  • Natu with Zen Headbutt (Multiple Natures)
  • Hippopotas with Slack Off (Multiple Natures)

-For Cresselia
  • UT Quiet Groudon (HP Ghost @ 69 base Power - No Perfect IVs)
  • UT Brave Registeel (HP Fighting - Perfect Sp. Atk and Speed IVs)
  • UT Naive Kyogre
  • UT Relaxed Heatran (31 Def IVs as well)
  • Naive Zapdos, trained quite a bit + from GTS. If you want Zapdos, I'll throw in a UT Adamant Cubone with Earth Quake and Ice Beam.

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