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Information on the Hokaru RolePlay Region Empty Information on the Hokaru RolePlay Region

Post  Hokaru on Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:58 pm

This RolePlay section was made mainly for TPC Members who don't have WiFi, but still want to participate in Hokaru!

This version is MUCH different from the regular Hokaru, because it's got more of a Role-Playing experience! Here are some of the brand new things taking place:

  • Gym Battles!
  • Contest Appeals and Battles!
  • Art Competitions!
  • Pokemon Ranger contests!

In Depth:
Gym Battles
This one's pretty obvious. Role Play an intense gym battle with a leader, either single or Double battles are okay!

Contest Battles
Yes, it's true! Hokaru is home to grand contests, full of beautiful appeals, battles, and tough Judges! REMARKABLE!

Art Competitions
Are you artistic? Is your Pokemon artistic? This is the place for you! There's only two of these in the region, but they're a blast!

Ranger Competitions
Are you destined to save Pokemon? Do you just love those Ranger Outfits? Then enjoy these Pokemon Ranger competitions, where you can let your skills in capturing Pokemon shine!

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