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Talk about Tough! Empty Talk about Tough!

Post  Kaede-Sama on Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:06 pm

Here's an example of a War Story, if you're curious. Cool

Trainer Elita sent out Nidoking!
Trainer Landon sent out Jolteon!

Uh oh, looks like Landon's in trouble! Not too many people start with Nidoking. Let's just hope it isn't a set-up Pokemon.

Trainer Elita's Nidoking used STEALTH ROCK
Trainer Landon switched to Mudkip!

A Stealth Rock Nidoking? That's a new one...let's hope Mudkip can do some damage.

Trainer Elita's Nidoking used SWORDS DANCE
Trainer Landon's Mudkip used WATERFALL
Super Effective!
Nidoking now @ 50% health

Wow, go Mudkip! I totally liek them. ;D


That's pretty much how you set up a War Story. Be sure to keep track of your epic battles and share them here! I'm always looking for a good battle to read.

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