Textual corrections/setting appropiate rights

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Textual corrections/setting appropiate rights Empty Textual corrections/setting appropiate rights

Post  Hokaru on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:38 pm

Done another few textual changes.
Also changed user rights to the forums.
-Moderators are now actually able to moderate.
-Guests can only read topics, nothing else.
-Only moderators or admins can delete topics.
-Only admins can create calender/events.
-Only moderators and admins are allowed to make new threads in the announcements section. Normal members can still reply.
-Only admins have control over the Rules & F.A.Q. section. Moderators do not have access here and no one can make reply's making it a "closed" forum.

See the administration panel to see the full list under categories and forum, then select the 2nd tab.

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