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Welcome to the Hokaru Region
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Welcome to the lab, I am Professor Agatha. I used to be part of the Elite Four of the Kanto Region. However, I was asked by Professor Oak to research this new region called Hokaru. The Hokaru Region is not like all the other regions, as the trainers and gym leaders are much stronger and their money system is completely different. Another unique property of the Hokaru Region is that there are no wild Pokemon in it. Instead, a mysterious organization called The Pokemon Center (not to be confused with the Pokemon Centers in every town) offers the Pokemon to trainers for money. It is a vast region with many mysteries and I am only one person, this is where you come in. I need your help to explore Hokaru. Collect gym badges, battle trainers, whatever you want, all of this will help us discover what this region is about. Your own Pokemon Journey is about to unfold.

Beggining Your Journey
The first thing you need to do to begin your journey here is to choose your starter. Unfortuneatly the Hokaru Region officials do not immideatly allow you to bring your old pokemon to hokaru. So you must choose a starter pokemon, the pokemon allowed to be your starter must be in regulation with these requirements.

  • You Pokemon *MUST* be able to evolve. Therefore you cannot start with Pokemon like Delibird, Stantler, etc.
  • You may also not have extremely strong Pokemon to start with. Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum and Gabite are banned as starters.

Now that you have selected your starter you will need to make your trainer card(forum topic/petpage), on this trainer card you must include:
DP game name:
Friend Code:
Starter Pokemon:
Number of stars:
Stars spent:
Battle Record:
Here is an Example

Now that you have your starter pokemon and your trainer card their is only one thing left to do before you are ready to embark on your journey. That is to get your trainer card approved by a Hokaru Region official(Sarah or Andrew), once you have recieved the OK from an official you are ready to embark on your journey.

Training Your Pokemon
From my own research I have learned that pokemon obey differently in Hokaru. In other regions when you evolve your pokemon, they obey you based on the amount of gym badges you have reguardless of what evolutionairy state it is in. In hokaru it enitrely depends on the evolutionary state your pokemon is in. Lets say for example you evolve your starter pokemon, when it evolves it will not obey you anymore, however I have created a device that will allow you to control your pokemon in its evolved state. There is only one catch it will cost you 3 stars(stars are the currency of Hokaru) additionally, it only works on the current evolutionary state, if you evolve it again you need to to get another one of my evolution devices. In other words, it will cost you 3 stars for each evolution.

Earning/Using Your Stars
Stars are the currency of the Hokaru region.

Each trainer starts with 1 star.

There are a number of ways of obtaining stars, including:
*Beat another trainer (beating a trainer will reward you with 2 stars)
*Lose to another trainer (losing to a trainer will reward you with 1 star just for participating)
*Draw with another trainer (each trainer receives 1 star)
*Beat a Gym Leader (five stars are awarded)
*Complete a set task (any number of stars are awarded)

There are also a number of ways of spending them:
*Purchase a Gym-type Pokemon from a Gym (Costs 4 stars)
*Purchase a Pokemon from the PokeMart (Costs between 7-15 stars)
*Evolve a Pokemon (Costs 3 stars)

As you can see, obtaining stars are very important to become a good trainer.

Battling Other Trainers
As you jourey across hokaru, you are bound to come across other trainers. When you encounter them(neomail them or pm them) you can choose to battle them. To do this, you just need to organise a time with that member. You may then agree upon any battle rules you like (eg, 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, etc. and whether it will be a double/single battle). The battle then commences with all Pokemon set to Level 50 or 100.
The winner of the battle will receive 2 stars, while the loser receives 1 star. If it's a draw, both trainers get 1 star.
If the battle is not finished/someone disconnects, then the battle does not count unless both trainers agree that it was clear who was going to win. However, if anyone disconnects on purpose, they will lose all their stars and be banned from participating in the league for a week. As you get stars whether you win or lose, there's no point in disconnecting. If someone continues to do it, they will be banned for good. Additionally, here is a good set of rules to go by for battle here
As with all regions, your goal is to make it to the Pokemon League!

Battling At A Gym
You may challenge a Gym Leader whenever you're ready. Gym Leaders must try and accept all challenges unless they have a good reason (like if they have to go or something). Gym Leaders must also be extremely active to give everyone a chance to battle. If a Gym Leader constantly turns down your challenges, then you can neomail an official and that Gym Leader may lose their gym.

The Gym Leader will set the rules for their gym, however, the rules can also depend on how many Pokemon you have. 1vs1 Gym Battles are not allowed. So you may not challenge a Gym until you have at least 2 Pokemon.

Gym Battles work the same as other battles, except that if you win, you receive 5 stars. You still receive 1 star for losing.

Also, you receive that Gym's Badge, plus you may choose to purchase one Pokemon of that gym's type for 4 stars. The Pokemon must obey the rules of the starter Pokemon - that is, it must be of that gyms type and it must be a non-legend. The gym leader will trade you this Pokemon if if you win and decide to buy it. Remember to deduct the stars from your stats.

Adding Pokemon To Your Team
are a number of ways to add Pokemon to your team.

*By beating a Gym Leader You may purchase a Pokemon of the Gym's type for 4 stars. Note: you may only do this once. If you beat the Gym Leader again, you cannot choose another Pokemon.

*By purchasing one from the PokeMart Different Pokemon cost a different amount of stars.

*By completing a task/winning a contest Completing a task can reward you with a mystery Pokemon.

*By trading At any time, you may trade Pokemon with other trainers over WiFi. You cannot, however, trade your starter Pokemon.

Now that you know the basics of Hokaru you are officially ready to start your journey. It will be a long and hard one and if you happen to collect all of those gym badges you may just become one of the champions of hokaru. Good Luck and never lose hope.

My Gallade is my favourite Pokemon. Why can't I use it? I don't want to have to use another Shiny Stone on a new Kirlia just for the League.

This is understandable. What you may do, is get a new Ralts, and use it as normal. Once it gets to the stage where you've evolved it into Kirlia (by paying 3 stars) and you're ready to evolve it again (by paying another 3 stars), just pay the stars, and then switch it with your already trained Gallade.
Because matches are at level 50, the level of your Gallade will not matter, and therefore this is the same as just levelling up and evolving a normal Ralts again.

I want to start with a Pokemon that is unobtainable/ I can't find on my game. What do I do?

You'll have to try and find someone who will be willing to trade with you so that you can start with that Pokemon. Try asking an official if you can't find anyone, but if that doesn't work, you can even try the GTS.

I think my Pokemon might be hacked. What do I do?

Don't use it. Hacked Pokemon are not allowed, even if they don't have any special attacks or anything put on them. Anyone using one will be banned from the league indefinitely.

I don't understand how _______ rule works.

Neomail an official and they will be able to help you.

My petpage with my stats accidently got deleted. What do I do?

Sorry, but you're probably going to have to start over. To prevent this from happening, save your information into your computer as well, just in case.

I think [username] is cheating...

Neomail an official with any evidence you have.

I want to start over!

That's fine. Just delete all Pokemon, stars, badges and anything else from your stats and choose a new starter Pokemon to begin again. Note that you can't do this over and over, the current rule is once every 3 months, but this may change in future.
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