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Post  Kaede-Sama on Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:19 pm


1.) What is Hokaru?
Hokaru is a battle league for The Pokemon Center Guild on Neopets.com, but will soon branch out to let other people join. ^^ You can come here to join a fun region with it's own plot, evil organization, and a role play version of the league!

2.) Do I have to be a member of TPC to join?
For now, yes. Once people are getting into it and more open to EV trainers, we'll open it up to Serebii, Smogon, and Marriland.

3.) Can I do both WiFi AND Role Play Hokaru?
Go for it! You have to have a different team for both, though. :/ Sorry.

4.) I wanna use Garchomp, why is it banned?!
According to loads and loads of testing on Smogon, Garchomp was moved into the Uber Tier, because it's new Platinum version has virtually no counters, so it's too strong for our league.

5.) Can I trade my starter?
No. D: Come on, that's mean! Your first Pokemon and you wanna trade it away? Once you pick your starter, you have to stick with it until you get more Pokemon or you restart the league.

6.) I'm bored right now, so can I make another Hokaru team? Like start over with a new team, but still use my old one.
For now, just stick to one set. If it's popular later on, you can have ONE extra team.

7.) Can I be a gym leader?
If there's an open postition, feel free to apply for it!

8.) So-and-so was using Hacked Pokemon/Cheating!
Report it to an admin IMMEDIATELY and the situation will be taken care of. DO NOT try to handle it on your own.

9.) Why are Legends so expensive? Same with some Pokemon, why are they priced like that?
The Pokemon are priced based on the Smogon Tiers, and how much use they get in competitive battling in their final forms. You have to WORK for your Pokemon. Wink

10.) I'm from (insert site here), and I wanna join Hokaru. Do I have to join TPC in order to compete?
Yep. Don't worry, we don't bite, there. xD Just join Neopets.com, then come to an admin for a link to the guild.

11.) I love my Bidoof, I don't wanna evolve him! Do I have to?
Of course not! It's your Pokemon, you can keep it at whatever stage you want...though in Bidoof's case, I'd say evolve it. xD

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Post  Hokaru on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:48 pm

I'm assuming that anything concerning neopets needs some changing?

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